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Little black dress by Amandine Leforestier in cotton jersey, essential in our dressing room

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Coat-kimono Amandine Leforestier in fabric of viscose and wool, for the cool evenings

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Mesh, fleece, chic coolness make up the fall-winter collection by Amandine Leforestier, winner Talents de Mode 2013, installed since last summer on the slopes. Not really mixed but not unisex either pieces are also available for men.

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Stylish and comfortable outfits

Chic. Cozy. Amandine Leforestier moved to the Designers' Village in the spring to deploy her ready-to-wear eponymous label founded in 2013. With natural fabrics - cotton, linen, wool ... - chosen for their texture, softness and strength, she imagines pieces with oversized but still fitted cuts. The asymmetrical designs, drapes, pleates, imagined as design objects whose function would be to dress the urban women, the travelers, the contemporary. A soft femininity the desire for wellness coupled with a minimalist elegance of Scandinavian inspiration.

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"Amandine Leforestier offers a wardrobe of subtle details designed for everyday life. Every piece is designed as an adornment that pursues the body. A body that moves, a fabric that follows" We were awed by the work of this young creatrice whose durable and timeless collections are characterized by a minimal and elegant design, soft natural material and oversized comfortable shapes. For those of you who are fortunate enough to live in Lyon, the young brand of ready-to-wear has recently opened its retail space, cozy and inspiring.

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A Fluid Pant

Straight, soft and immaculate in 100% cotton


Androgynous. Jeffrey Jewel wearing the Adana coat on his head through the lense of Maurizio Pighizzini Adana coat by Amandine Leforestier and hat/cap by Baptiste Viry.

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Say hello to Sports Minimalistic look. In today's post I'm gonna show you some of the best outfits in which you can channel your inner minimalist style. I'd like to introduce to you Amandine Leforestier's Autumn 2015 season womenswear collection. Every look comes with a relaxed fit and timeless look, which are so essential for ladies who seek out versatile clothing.

Personally, I find these styles to be perfect layerings, as every outfit looks like a cocoon, that gently wraps a woman's body keeping her warm and elegant. The color palette is subdued, featuring grey, black and charcoal shades. Anyway, let me know what you think of these loose-fit sporty clothes.

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Hacid a new vision of fashion

Billy Elliott by Frederic Monceau. Coat by Amandine Leforestier. 4th Anniversay Edition

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SuperbMagazine Amandine Leforestier

Cotton Coveralls Amandine Leforestier, earrings, necklace & arm strap Babacar Guisse

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Pullover Amandine Leforestier, tutu Repetto, corset Blackitten, necklace and right ring Pasquale Bruni

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Le Grand Mag

The "Eclat" award at the 2013 Talents de Mode competition went to Amandine Leforestier. Her prize? a workshop-boutique at the Village des Createurs in Lyon and customized support to help develop her business. Having worked for several designers, she launched her own label in 2012. For this ardent design-lover, textiles are a land to be explored, where every piece is designed as an enveloping adornment for the body. Her line of women's pret a poter combines contemporary design with classic elegance. Colours are subdues, fabrics flowing. It's an every wardrobe of comfortable clothes that follow the woman rather than the other way around. Amandine Leforestier, who is also an art lover collaborates with many artists, dansers and architects.

Bensimon collaboration
Amandine Leforestier customizes an iconic Bensimon pair for the 5 year anniversay of Lyon's Bensimon concept store: Anniversary event Bensimon, Home around the world. Just like his contemporary universe and timeless design, it revisits Bensimon gently. Inspired by the stylish and comfortable influence of tennis; worked around the movement, shown by folds; Jersey in a casual style.

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The Talents de Mode committee gave its seventh verdict this fall. This year, the jury headed by Christophe Josse awarded two main prizes and a special mention. The contest commenced six years ago and this year Talents de Mode has a new category for applicants not wishing to re-locate their business to the Rhone-Alpes

The original prize, i.e. the grand prize, Talents de Mode, was awarded to Amandine Leforestier. Amandine hales from Normandy, she schooled at Cholet Mode and launched her own label in 2012 after several years of work in style offices. Her line of ready-to-wear combines comfort and femininity in Jersey, its flexible architecture is conceived as modern body wraps. With this prize, Amandine Leforestier wins, a check for 5,000 euros, a booth at the show Who's Next and a space in the Designers' Village for two years at a reduced rent.

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A meeting at the village of creators in Lyon. Natural colors, gray, white, beige, linen; wood dresses the interior of her Lyon workshop. Amandine comes my way, smiling, warm, asked about the journey that I made from Annecy ... The same delicate touch is evident in her creations. Passionate about drawing since forever, the young woman followed studies of applied arts and found in textile, her favorite avenue of expression. "I love my fashion fabrics on a mannequin’s bust. It's intuitive! The drawings often come later and are more technical, more for installation." Her approach: carving the material to conform to the body in motion. "The idea of working with the dancers to present my first collection instead of a classic parade also comes from the desire to make the body the center, the garment moves and follows the subject."

Amandine has been working, for over ten years, for brands of ready-to-wear for the "general public", then ... snap! The fastfashion makes her reflect on our consumption. The call to discard what has just been acquired. To that point, she paused, leaving everything. She left for a trip that will take five months, that took her from Indonesia to Australia. Meetings, cultures, other philosophies ripen her desire for a timeless fashion, durable and essential. Do not follow or create micro-trends, breathlessly. As evidence, for her brand, she opts for "natural materials, pure and true colors, a nice base from lines and shapes ... A cozy chic style with endless possibilities." Its structured cuts, feminine and unprovoked give this the impression of intimacy and confidence found only amongst girlfriends. "I speak to women who know they are women, who no longer need to or want to demonstrate to the whole world, who just want to be good within themselves; appeased."

Born into a modest family, Amandine considers herself lucky to have been able to accelerate the realization of her dream through the Contest Talents de Mode in Lyon last year. As the laureate, the designer earns the privilege to work within the confines of the Designers' Village, to take advantage of support and advice from professionals in the management of her new brand and an exhibition at the Galeries Lafayette in Lyon. In short, she is preparing to fly on her own. And that's pretty well gone, her label is already broadcast in Amsterdam, Reunion and Paris. As for the next step in the dance, Amandine reveals the secret of a concentrated study of pleats and sensual color, "nude". The show continues.

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She imagined a line of ready-to-wear in Jersey, comfortable and feminine. And recognition did not wait for this Normand who just moved to Lyon. First prize Talents de Mode 2013, it benefits from the support of the Creators Village of Lyon, which allowed her to open her boutique in September, in Lyon.

Why she chose this profession: Passionate about drawing since forever, I studied applied arts. I've discovered textiles and its multiple possibilities for expression. But before I launched my own brand of clothes, I first built a solid background in ready-to-wear.

The bad: The tenacity and constant energy that the world of fashion requires. We must constantly hold on and fight.

The good: The prize from Talents de Mode: huge recognition that came very quickly.

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Follow the trend? Not her thing. What interests the stylist who has just won the first prize of Talents de Mode 2013? It is to create timeless clothes. "The basis of my work is based on comfort, while remaining elegant. The inspiration comes from the fabric, that I place on a mannequin before I let it speak. I like playing with the volume." After ten years in Paris, this young Normand, who is a graduate of fashion design, will present ready-to-wear collections that combine simplicity and refinement in her new studio boutique located in the heart of Lyon in the Creaters Village.

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The supple jacket: "designed by Amandine Leforestier this cardigan jacket ITA covers chic or casual, work or a cocktail ... The timeless class!"

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What do Stella Forest, Morgan Kirch, Chantal Thomass, Max Shaul, Andrea Waggione, Nathalie Chaize, Coupé Couzu, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and Amandine Leforestier have in common? They all strolled Passage Thiaffait ... Once a year, fashion professionals and young designers come together in the Talents de Mode contest.

Winner of the "Eclat" prize, Amandine Leforestier left Paris to come to Passage Thiaffait where she offers her simple, minimalist collections: chic gray, in all its forms.

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"My clothes are based on movement; the idea is that you feel good inside." Probably why the designer impressed the fashion professionals in September, leading two troupes of dancers to present her collection at the Creators Village in Lyon. "My client is an everyday-woman, who likes to feel comfortable in cotton and wears simple, timeless colors." Given the gentleness with which Amandine Leforestier pronounces her words, her open smile and generosity, one is not surprised that the young woman creates "comfort clothes" from the heart. Before her eponymous label, she spent ten years in various ready-to-wear “houses", and tired quickly of the "disposable"; trends come and go despite the quality of the garment. Freshly arrived from Paris, she won the grand prize of Talents de Mode 2013 by the Designers' Village and created a boutique, which just opened its doors. From 70 Euro, you can also become addicted to the cuddly sweat!

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Cheer the new rookie, the grand prize winner of Talents de Mode.
The Village of Creators award this year was for Amadine Leforestier, a collection of timeless couture that arises as an alternative to fashion and whim. Discover it in September at her new boutique/workshop.

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Carmen Maria Vega wears Ine a skirt by Amandine Leforestier

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Amandine Leforestier is a young fashion designer who designs clothes with modern and elegant lines.

Originally from Normandy, Amandine now lives in and works in Lyon. The young artist has always been passionate about drawing. So it's natural that she headed for a BA in Applied Arts before moving into fashion BTS Styling enabling her to discover new territory: textiles.

“It's a wonderful tool. Wear it, touch it, handle it, build it, it is inexhaustible!”

For nearly a decade, she worked for various brands of ready-to-wear in Paris, but finally decided to create her own company in Lyon; she won the first prize of Talents de Mode in 2013. Amandine Leforestier designs a high-end brand of ready-to-wear for women, inspiration comes from everything that surrounds her: the architecture, but also the nature of Asian art. The young designer focuses on movement and fluidity to create a line of women's clothing in Jersey. She cleverly combines elegance, comfort and modernity. In her collections, the young designer seeks to combine art and fashion and uses especially uses techniques such as pleats and drapes to optimize the flow of clothing.

“I see my style as simple and contemporary that we can call cozy chic.”

Amandine manufactures soft pieces in neutral colors that can integrate with any and all styles of clothes. To prepare for a new collection, she researches her fabric and prepares a collection plan; through drawings, markings and prototyping by draping the fabric on a mannequin she finds the best design that is suitable for the fabric. Inspired by trends and innovative projects, Amandine did not hesitate to work with students in interior design, for her photo shoot, in order to frame her vision. She especially works with dancers to illustrate the focus of her in - exuberance in her clothes.

"The body is at the center of my work, dance allows me to illustrate this vision. That's why I chose to dance to present my first collection, not a catwalk.”

The creations of Amandine Leforestier are for a refined but natural wardrobe.

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